Open Coffee Clubs

Join our group to discuss entrepreneurship and technology with other business and tech professionals.

North Dallas Open Coffee Club Mtg.jpg


Am I welcome to attend?

If you are interested in technology, entrepreneurship, and connecting with professionals, you are invited and encouraged to attend.

How do I promote my business to your group?

We don't allow direct promotion, especially no MLM sales. But many attendees discuss their business, ask for advice, and mention specifics about their company/products. No direct sales pitches allowed. Great connections are made naturally, not by high pressure sales tactics.

What if I am new to town?

This meeting is a great way to meet others in the community in a friendly, yet highly engaging way. And you will find out about other upcoming events.

What if I am new to technology or entrepreneurship?

Come learn more. We have student attendees and seasoned pros. We welcome anyone interested in good tech conversation.